Why Choose MAOD Consultants?

We will bring curiosity and awareness to your environment, with the goal of helping you create a more satisfying work experience, both individually and collaboratively


We will collaborate with you around issues of accountability, responsibility, commitment, and integrity within your organization


We will teach you to be more authentic and empowered, present and engaged – to create a more natural alignment between yourself, your colleagues, and your own work

We embrace emerging organizational software technologies as valuable and effective resources in improving working environments and workplace dynamics in general

We believe in the phrase: “The opposite of judgement is inquiry”, so one of the most important things we do for individuals and groups is to uncover what is true for you all

We will make it fun, challenging, unconventional, adventurous, progressive, thought-provoking, powerful, insightful, collaborative, respectful, and supportive

We conclude each project with personal and scalable solutions suited to your situation, and continue working with you for as long, and in whatever form you wish