What is Organization Development?

Any working environment is simply a set of agreements – known and unknown; spoken and unspoken; acknowledged and unacknowledged; understood and not understood


Entering into these agreements impacts our collaborative and personal working health and wellbeing

Organization development (OD) is the realization that these agreements need to be understood, examined, and re-evaluated from time to time


...OD can be viewed as a sort of therapy for the workplace...


A practice for people in the workplace to address challenging issues and acknowledge that things are no longer working in certain areas

A response to at least one person wanting something better and different

A commitment to growth, and the most respectful thing an organization can practice on itself

A collaboration to bring out the best in people – individually and collectively

An intentional way to bring people together, accomplish a common mission, and provide tools to be successful

A facilitated evolutionary process of deconstructing a system in order to reconstruct