The MAOD Process

Your Challenges


You feel like a boat in uncertain waters and you’re looking for a compass

Assumptions and issues are getting in the way of all of you doing your best work

You want something better and different but are unclear on the what, why, and how

You need a partner that can help guide you and your team to new discoveries

You have a work system that produces unwanted outcomes prompting the quote:

“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets”

How We Work

We encourage self and group discovery practices; accepting whatever truth reveals itself

We deconstruct in order to reconstruct, pausing to take a look at the lay of the land

We stimulate insight and growth in your organization as neutral outsiders

We create group agreements to make all voices feel welcome and safe in the room

Our Methods

Collaboration: We start conversations with your team to design and implement change

Self as Instrument: We model self-awareness and emotional intelligence to align with who you really are

Inquiry: We begin with no assumptions; we stick to the data and ask intuitive questions

Technology: We are inspired by related 21st century technologies, and make personal and scalable solutions for innovative measurements of human capital

Models: We work with various systemic models to identify patterns in your organization

Your Evolution

You feel more satisfied and productive as your workplace becomes a healthier environment


You develop engaged relationships and productivity in your workplace

You exercise empowering and effective communication in your professional relationships

You find yourself in a thriving, fulfilling, and productive culture with new optimism