21st Century Organization Development

Adults spend at least 25% of their waking hours at work, and business environments are a hub for innovation in our society. The field of organization development (OD) emphasizes the human element in working life for the betterment of people and businesses alike.

Today, organizational relationships are digitally inter-twined. These connections require a new approach to OD: one that develops relational magic within the machine of modern living. 

Our Mission

To be the go-to agency that redefines relationships in the working community by addressing the disconnect between human systems and their adopted technology.


Our Strategy

We provide business solutions that are personal, scalable, and tech savvy to address current and emerging human system needs through our use of high touch OD consulting followed by responsive, ongoing subscription-based client relationships. 
We fulfill the OD gap between people and tech. We do this by using the latest OD technology to address and understand client issues leading to the creation of personal and humanistic solutions.

In parallel with this, we have sufficiently strong relationships with OD software companies to provide them with ground floor feedback for feature innovation and technological evolution of their products. 


Other professional services consulting firms are well-established with their customers, but they miss the mark by continuing to provide one-size-fits-all packages, or failing to incorporate technological change entirely. MAOD is more agile and customizable, from meeting presenting problems to supporting implementation, we are attuned to change management and new challenges as they arise from both the human and technology front.

Like many industries, OD is benefitting from a wave of software innovation that creates an opportunity for clients to better connect with their own organizations. All too often, software companies sell analytics tools to businesses without a proper understanding of their humanistic details. Part of MAOD’s role is to embrace these tools while also always prioritizing the employee experience.


Max Anderson, Ryan Gurule and Karlee Pierce are three MA graduates of the Sonoma State University Organization Development program who enjoyed working together during the program, and decided to continue that collaboration in an agency format.


To see our complete business plan click the link below:

MAOD Business Plan Executive Summary