How Coherent is your Workplace?

As you know, it’s been a wet winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I’ve been using my windshield wipers more than usual. On the fastest setting, my wipers actually tap the edge of my windshield, and thus, create a nice regular rhythm. Usually, I find it rather irritating, but the other day, I noticed that the wiper blade beat was actually in sync with the music I was playing (Tame Impala, I think!) And it was beautiful. A new dimension of the music was created, and it added something to what I was listening to. It became richer and stronger - more powerful. Unwittingly, I had created a spontaneous and completely natural experience of coherence!

The concept of personal coherence has been around for quite some time, and there are many scientists and software companies helping people get more personal coherence in their lives using various apps (HeartRate+, Calm, Kardia, and Coherence Trainer are some that I’ve downloaded and experimented with), and devices (HeartMath is one that I have used). They deal with getting your heart rate more coherent with your breathing. They claim that doing this helps with mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is very meditative, quite difficult, and usually makes me feel very sleepy!

As my windshield experience occurred so naturally, I began wondering about the concept of natural coherence versus incoherence in the workplace. What are the natural rhythms of your workplace dynamics, relationships, and projects, and how coherent are they for you? What workplace “wiper blades” can you use at those different levels to identify how well things are working for you?

An easy tool is checking in with yourself about how you are feeling at any given moment - before, during, or after a particular exchange or interaction. Do you feel like there is a richer, exciting, and interesting beat or rhythm when you are talking to someone, or is it an off-beat and irritating dirge!? Is there a sense of excitement, positivity, and creativity when you are working on a project or is there a heavy, frustrating and dull throbbing?

We do have very good internal “wiper blades” to check in with both personally and professionally, but we’ve evolved away from paying attention to them. It’s not that hard, and using these apps or devices has made it easier for me to be

on the lookout for more coherence for myself in everyday life.

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