What is the best way to innovate successfully?

As MAOD Consultants slowly begin our public rollout, I am pondering the question of how to innovate successfully. I have many ideas of ways to "do it differently", but it is impossible to know which ideas will work and which will crash and burn.

I am reminded of the famous Apple advertising strap-line - Think Different. I like that phrase, and I even like the fact that the statement is grammatically questionable! Even the statement is differently constructed! Steve Jobs didn’t always know exactly what would work, or how it would work, but he had a high commitment to his own aesthetic - his own cultural compass. He is also famous for saying that people don’t always know what they want.

So, in the case of how MAOD Consultants can best innovate, I say that we need to explore and inquire about what we care about, what we like, what we don’t like, what we think people in the workplace would benefit from, and what we enjoy doing - creating our own cultural compass. We need to spend time and money playing with various tools and solutions, and we need to be willing to break things as we "kick the tyres."

We need to invite collaboration within the innovation, and be open to what may come across our path. There are various software products that I particularly like, and hope will be useful for us. We need to be particularly cognisant of those companies who we enjoy collaborating with, and who enjoy collaborating with us. I am particularly impressed and excited by both Humantelligence and CultureAmp at present, and they have been especially accommodating to us during our Forming stage.

I am left with the conclusion that we just have to try a bunch of different ideas and working models, and keep iterating, ideating, and innovating. I am lucky and grateful to have such great colleagues to go on this exploration with!

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