Our Values

We encourage creative and diverse expression through the lens of our values, and in the spirit of authenticity and transparency, we share both with you here


Our values are the starting point for everything

These guide our work with each other

These direct our work with you

Trustworthy: We keep our agreements and remember we are a team

Grit: We push through the challenging times – doing what needs to be done

Curious: We follow our gut feelings, and are comfortable asking questions

Fun: We remember to laugh together, and keep things light-hearted

Simplicity: We keep it simple

Adaptability: We roll with the waves of change of each project

Integrity: We demonstrate exemplary behavior towards you at all times

Discovery: We remain open to learning more, and asking more questions

Partnership: We always work with you in a spirit of collaboration

Enthusiasm: We make every effort to be cheerful and positive

Progressive: We are open to new ideas and cutting edge innovations