Our Clients

The team was very organized; thoughtful, professional, and committed to helping organizations do their best work.

They were calm, open-minded, even-keeled, and positive throughout.


Definitely a benefit to our organization, and we are still benefiting from that work!

Rachel Neumann – Parallax Press

It was all conducted extremely professionally. I loved the clear set up, structure, and objectives for the workshops. Everything was perfect from scheduling to meeting agendas to actually accomplishing what was on the agenda.

I really loved the safe space to ask the important questions (about our vision, values, roles, and big picture hopes and concerns) and open up a productive discussion.

Their objective approach and instinct to raise the exact questions we needed to answer were invaluable.

They brought an acute awareness of how organizations function, applying their understanding of what motivates a volunteer group and what the reality of participation looks like, to help us create structure and define what our team goals were and how to get there.

They acted as a sort of mirror to help us find the clarity we needed which, to me, is the paramount foundation for a successful team.

Morgan Aitken-Young – Represent.us SF Chapter

You will gain insight into your organization and discover ways to improve because they are excellent communicators who know how to discover opportunities for improvement and build steps to succeed.

They brought a sense of community, clarity, and focus to a group with a common goal, but hadn’t worked together before.

Kyle Spradling – Bay Area for Bernie Nomination Campaign

They were professional, prepared, and maintained focus on moving us towards our goals.

They helped us identify roles, areas for improving team effectiveness, and team resilience, and supported our team with learning much needed communication skills.

Their handling of our group facilitation was creative and competent, and I felt comfortable.

Sara Brewer – Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

They helped excavate problems and ideas from us, and then collaborated with us to solve and explore them.

We were given a set of tools, along with the right professionals trained in how to use them, which allowed us to efficiently and effectively make positive changes to our issues. I was most struck by how much they cared about my team, and our ability to fulfill our own expectations and desires for ourselves.

I loved working with them. I highly recommend their workshops because they are wonderful people armed with the tools and expertise to significantly improve an organization’s ability to grow – both logistically and emotionally!

Zach Goldfine – Represent.us SF Chapter

They conducted themselves very professionally.

It was a great way to bring our team together in a structured manner to tackle some organizational issues, while providing solid takeaways that added value to our organization.

They helped us focus on better organizing by giving us time to figure out clearer roles and responsibilities.

Tyler Disney – Represent.us SF Chapter