MAOD Services

MAOD Consultants are a small, flexible organization development agency that can interact with your organization in a number of ways such as coaching and visioning, directive and facilitated work sessions, and collaborative action planning.

Our OD solutions are unique to every organization – tailored and customized from the discoveries achieved during our needs assessment and data analysis of your company’s current situation.
Here’s how we begin:

Establish Partnership

We work with you to design the best course of action to further your organization, your employees, your future.

Develop Project Roadmap

We help you to develop clarity on your goals and objectives, along with showing you pathways to get there, including how much time and commitment we need from you, and how much we think it will cost.

Systems Analysis

We investigate the health of your organization with an environmental scan to find points of leverage and improvement.

Employee Engagement and Management

We look at your employees and the ways in which you are managing them within your prevailing culture.


The foundation of all our work is to support and encourage collaboration, and bring your people together to navigate yourselves towards a common mission. This is how we collaborate with you:

Exploratory Team Dynamics

We take an open-minded look at your organizational dynamics, and offer perspectives for new solutions.

Facilitated Work Sessions

We draw out your best thinking in real time with relevant content, and involve your stakeholders to create effective change that sticks.

Team Building and Retreats

We create an engaging agenda to address your most pressing issues, and create cohesive actions that highlight the symbiotic connection between individual and group strengths.

Effective Communication

We create a safe and authentic space for you and your people to learn and develop practical and powerful communication tools,and enable you to talk about the things that really matter to you and your colleagues.

Conflict Management and Problem Solving

We leverage your differences and diversity, and collaboratively develop tailored solutions.


We remain a neutral third party, so we can enter any organizational system cleanly and be more capable of assessing, discovering, analyzing, and suggesting improvements for your company and its people. This is where your future begins:

Prioritize Objectives

Understand what really drives your organizational success in terms of short-term and long-term priorities, using methods such as Process Mapping, Process Improvement, and Workflow Assessment.

Values, Vision, Mission

We help you and your organization get clear on your vision, values, mission statements and design steps toward actualizing and marketing that vision.

Respond to Your Environment

We optimize your niche to develop strategies that emerge within your business ecology.


We embrace technology and utilize software metrics, people analytics, and data science to suit your culture and organizational issue; making change personal and scalable for you in a uniquely 21st century way!

Tools, and Methods

Our OD software toolbox contains inspiring, innovative, and progressive solutions focused on improving the health and harmony of modern day work environments.


We encourage your self-awareness and personal development to crystallize your natural leadership ability to guide your people towards purposeful action.


We will empower you to recognize, express, and evolve your talents, capabilities, and uniqueness.