Advisory Board

Matthew Boda

Film Director and Writer


Matt is a writer and director known for Bed-Stuy Lullaby (2012),Teetering (2014), and Blood, Sweat & Years (2016). He's also directed music videos and holds credits on some of Hollywood’s biggest productions.

Matt learned filmmaking first-hand from the world’s most prestigious film-makers including Robert Elswit (There Will Be BloodMission Impossible franchise), and directors Sam Raimi, and Roman Coppola. His film,Teetering, was a finalist for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Project Greenlight.

We are excited about how Matt will share his boundless enthusiasm and exemplary creativity with us.

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Dermot Butterly

Professional Life Coach at


Dermot has been a professional life coach, facilitator, and trainer since 2000. He also hosts his own radio show on local station KOWS called The Celtic Coach - An Irish Talk Show for Men. He lives in the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.


His deepest passion is to see people grow beyond what they think is possible, and to have fun along the way. He loves to help people move from being stuck to moving forward with their lives. He believes this is best done by connecting the individual to their own inner resources. 


We look forward to Dermot inspiring us to reach for the stars!

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Gorkem Cakir

Corporate Financial Expert


Gorkem Cakir is a finance leader with broad technology and investment management experience in both IT and R&D fields. He has in-depth experience with budgeting, long-term planning, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as integration of finance with business strategy. 


In his spare time he enjoys abalone diving and exploring the great outdoors.

We are excited about Gorkem helping us figure out how to best make lots of money whilst maintaining our values!

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Michael Giotis

Social Architect for Healthy Organizations

Mike is founder of inHabit Business Systems, where he facilitates workshops that use hidden organizational knowledge, and consults startups on scaling for resiliency. His work is based on 15 years of international organization leadership.

He develops programs for VenturePad, a San Rafael co-working space and incubator, and uses game design to create tools and activities to help companies increase their capacity for innovation and sustainability.

He lives in the San Francisco North Bay with his family, where he plays post-punk music, and studies post-modern critical theory.

We are excited about Mike sharing his vast experience with startups and new businesses with us! 


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Usha Gubbala

Organization Design and Transformation Consultant


Usha is an organization design, strategy, and transformation consultant at August Public, specializing in building organizations' capacity to meet the complexity of the 21st century. Before this, she helped Google with its team development and organizational learning.


She has a Masters in Organization Development and Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Behavioral Studies, and now lives in New York. She  enjoys reading, meditation, and Netflix.

We are excited about what pulse Usha has her finger on, because she is a progressive innovator like ourselves!

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Courteney Kay

Social Alchemist


Courteney specializes in community building, creating strategic connections, designing member experiences, and bespoke events, and exemplifies the young, multi-talented, and networked 21st century professional woman.


Courteney is founder, co-founder, or partner of several Bay Area organizations. She enjoys leading tribes, creating a buzz, and developing world-class community - helping people navigate the personal and professional world of connection.

Courteney lives in San Francisco and enjoys animals and loved ones, as well as yoga, volleyball, and empowerment workshops.

We are excited about working with Courteney's unique blend of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm!

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Kerry Leidich

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Humantelligence


Kerry has been a solutions expert and entrepreneur in the human capital arena for 20 years. He was instrumental in developing technologies for employee engagement surveys and feedback systems. He is co-founder of Humantelligence, a software solution that enables organizations to build highly engaged workforces. It was nominated in 2015 and 2016 for a Premier Partner Award.

Kerry was a key contributor to: Work Culture, Organizational Performance, and BusinessSuccess: Measurement and Management (Praeger, 1998).

He has his Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SFSU), and Bachelors in Psychology (UCLA).

We are excited to work with Kerry because he embraces 21st century solutions as enthusiastically as we do!

Alex Long

User Experience (UX) Designer


Alex is a UX Design consultant passionate about human-centered design and creating smart simple products. He brings 15 years experience and a strong creative vision to his work, and has designed products and services for desktop and mobile platforms for companies in the technology, financial services, media, and retail sectors.

Alex has worked as a senior consultant with respected agencies like Razorfish and Sapient, on projects for the likes of Apple, Cisco, and Wells Fargo. He is interested in how design thinking and strategy can impact organizational culture, process improvement, change management and digital transformation.

We are excited about working with Alex's sharp creative eye and commitment to top quality design in general.

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Renata McAllister

Organization Development & Spiritual Intelligence Practitioner


Renata is an Organization Development (OD) professional at Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC), Arizona. Prior to this, she worked as a trainer, engaging teams in integration of group dynamics, communication, self-care, emotional and spiritual intelligence, and personal and leadership development.


Renata earned her Bachelors in Economics, and her Masters of Organization Development from Sonoma State University. Her other certifications include: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, Healing Touch, and ThetaHealing.


Renata enjoys traveling with her husband and welcomes new ways of thinking, being, and believing. Her proudest achievement is being mother to her beautiful girl born in 2016.

We look forward to benefitting from Renata's perfectionism, as we did during our OD masters program!

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Ernest Morrow

Spiritual Mentor & Coach


Ernest Morrow is a teacher and guide for those called to inner awakening. He is on a mission to support people in directly experiencing truth and creating communities of support.

Tired of good ideas and pious practices, he teaches a path of direct experience where everyone is invited to see and experience for themselves the truth of their own nature; where each one’s great joy meets the world’s deep need.


He is a student of his son and daughter and is constantly humbled by how much courage it takes to be open-hearted.

We are thrilled to benefit from Ernest's deep, spiritual, and contemplative insights and intuition.

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Lisa Murgatroyd

Organization Development Consultant


Lisa is another Sonoma State University graduate from the OD masters program. She has spent her career championing such causes as local agriculture, social justice, sustainability, environmental protection, and economic empowerment, and supporting non-profits, startups, and education systems in ensuring sustainable and conscientious practices


Her personal consulting practice offers: Process Consulting, Organizational Design, Leadership Development, Change Management, Design Thinking and Prototyping, and Business Process Improvement.

We love how Lisa brings multi-faceted, progressive OD to a new level from the workplace to the field.

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Adam Rendek

Architect, Lecturer, and Author


Adam has designed small and large scale buildings all over the world. His work is supported by his detailed knowledge of design and construction as well as his commitment to healthy processes of decision-making. His primary motivation has always been to provide meaningful information from buildings to people by adding context to data.

He has lectured on Building Information Modeling (BIM) at U.C. Berkeley, and consulted with IDEO, Adobe, Autodesk and Graphisoft on product development for the AEC industry. He's published several papers, co-authored a book on BIM and Energy Modeling, and talked at major conferences world-wide.

We are excited for Adam to help us become OD trailblazers by sharing his innovative and technological wizardry with us! 

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Alexander Shakaryan



Sasha was named one of the top 50 up and coming social entrepreneurs by the World Bank in 2013. He moved from his native Armenia to California to scale his food-tech company - EasyLunch. 

He is now living in Pasadena, Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

We are excited to collaborate and brainstorm with Sasha about entrepreneurial strategies and creative social media  campaigns.

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Daniel Weinzveg

Organization Development Consultant


Daniel is an OD Consultant who helps individuals, groups, and organizations develop intentionally, collaboratively, and creatively. Though much of his work is focused on “business results,” his success with clients is based on his use of creative processes, activities, and approaches.

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic, County of Sonoma, and the County of Marin are just a few of the organizations that Daniel has helped become more collaborative, creative, and impactful.

We are excited to continue a close collaborative relationship with Daniel (another Sonoma State OD masters program alumnus) around the SF Bay Area.

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