organization development

Therapy for the Workplace


With MAOD Consultants, you’ll be part of a community; a network of progressive organizations striving to be more healthy and harmonious in the 21st century 

Our mission is to redefine relationships in the working community by addressing the disconnect between human systems and their adopted technology




One of the most important things we do for individuals and groups is help you understand and uncover what is really true for you. This includes working with your people around issues of accountability, responsibility, productivity, commitment, and integrity.

We believe that the opposite of judgment is inquiry, so we ask thought-provoking questions based on our project planning conversations with you. Our questions evolve along with the answers.

We love Louis Pasteur’s quote: "Science advances through tentative answers to a series of more and more subtle questions which reach deeper and deeper into the essence of natural phenomena."

organization development
organization development